Wil jij vrij kunnen communiceren in het Engels,
zonder enkele schaamte of angst?

Waarschijnlijk herken je het wel, de mensen om jou heen lijken veel beter Engels te kunnen praten. Het lijkt ze zo makkelijk af te gaan. Teksten lezen in het Engels, een Engelstalige podcast luisteren of een cursus volgen in het Engels dat gaat je eigenlijk best goed af. Je begrijpt al veel woorden in het Engels wanneer je ze leest of hoort, maar tijdens het praten en schrijven gebruik je elke keer dezelfde basiswoorden.

Je kunt jezelf niet uitdrukken zoals jij dat graag zou willen. Je bent je heel bewust van jezelf wanneer je Engels praat en bent behoorlijk kritisch. Tijdens een gesprek zit je veel te vaak in je hoofd te vertalen en jezelf al te verbeteren voordat je de zin überhaupt hebt uitgesproken. Je vindt het niet goed genoeg en bent bang dat mensen jou niet serieus nemen doordat jouw Engels niet vloeiend is. Dit maakt je onzeker.

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The only way to feel more confident in English or to move up to a more advanced level is by taking action. English is the world number one language and is still the best language for business. English equals opportunity. I’m so happy to tell you that with practice you can speak and write English confidently. You don’t have to struggle with your English any longer. You can become a fluent speaker of English with the right method, mindset, and consistent practice.

Hi I’m Kimberley…

Is it me you’re looking for?

I’m Dutch and totally in love with the English language. You know what I’d love to do? I’d love to enthuse you and provide you with the tools you need to write and speak English confidently.

I’m specialised in boosting your confidence. My work through my coaching is to remind you what you’re capable of and empower you to step outside your comfort zone. I really want you to believe that you can make your way in this beautiful language. It’s not about using perfect grammar or the fanciest words, it’s about you being your authentic self, speaking from the heart and radiating your joy and positive energy.

I don’t want you to turn down an opportunity (any longer), because you are afraid your English isn’t good enough. Hell no! Not on my watch!

This is a time for growth and there’s no better time than right now.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow”.

– Caroline Myss

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One of my biggest missions is to make learning to speak and write English a meaningful, fun, and exciting experience. I love to share my love for English, personal development, and spirituality.

It’s my passion to help entrepreneurs and professionals to become effective communicators and feel confident in speaking and writing English. Think about all the possibilities when English is no longer an issue. Say yes to those international clients, apply for that international job, share your content with your international audience, interview that inspiring international entrepreneur: the world is your oyster.

You can find me sharing my thoughts and lessons on Instagram or you read about them in my blog.

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about working with me

Voor mijn nieuwe werk moest ik Engels spreken. Dat was even slikken! Ik voelde me super onzeker over mijn Engelse spreekvaardigheid, waardoor ik snel stamelde of zelfs dichtklapte. Kimberley heeft mij in korte tijd meer vertrouwen gegeven in het spreken van Engels. Niet alleen door de oefeningen die ze aanpast aan jouw niveau, maar ook omdat ze de persoon ziet achter de woorden, elke sessie weer weet ze je vertrouwen een boost te geven!

Na afloop van de sessies met haar voelde ik me dan ook elke keer weer vol energie. Ik vond het ook heel fijn dat m’n schaamte om Engels te spreken tijdens de sessies snel wegging. Kimberley zei vaak dat het niet om de perfecte grammatica ging, en dat was ook zo!

Ze heeft mij laten inzien dat ik vooral vertrouwen krijg in het spreken als ik woorden gebruik die bij mij passen. En dat is eigenlijk best belangrijk; dingen zeggen die resoneren! Maar ook dat je gewoon 10 manieren hebt om iets te zeggen, en dat je gewoon je eigen manier moet vinden. Het perfect Engels willen spreken begin ik dan ook steeds meer los te laten.

Zoek je een enthousiaste Engels Coach? Dan raad ik je Kimberley absoluut aan!

Linda van Soolingen

Freelance illustrator

I work at a company where it gets more common to make documents in English and where more and more international colleagues started working. For this reason, my employer offered an English language course.

Reading and writing in English is not very difficult for me, but I felt very uncomfortable when I had to speak in English.Thanks to the course, this really improved a lot!

At the beginning of the course, we started talking in English right away. During the course, we did several assignments and received very useful books to work from. What I appreciated the most was that Kimberley created a very safe environment which made it possible for me to get out of my comfort zone and dare to speak English in front of my colleagues.

Now at the end of the course, I feel much more confident in how I speak English. I certainly would recommend Kimberley.

Jitka van Immerseel

Research & Development Engineer at Teleon Surgical

I work at an international company. My last experience with English was a long time ago, so I felt insecure and tried to avoid the English language as much as possible. Now, I’m confronted with English more and more.

After already a few sessions with Kimberley, I no longer tried to avoid the language, but I was rather looking for new ways to consolidate what I have learned.

I was surprised when I realized that I could follow conversations a lot better than before the course. I was really looking forward to every single session.

Kimberley is a very lovely and warm person who is an expert in helping you improve your English.

I can really recommend her. 

Claudia Baumert

Product Manager, Germany

I met Kimberley last year because I had the intention to improve my English. After our match call it was easy to say YES to her proposal. She is a lovely woman and a very professional trainer and coach. Kimberley is always enthusiastic, and she encourages you to push yourself to the limit. She makes you feel comfortable in a special way. You don’t even know you’re in an English course.

I love the way she works. In my case mostly with my own goals, adventures, and challenges. This was both personal as well as business wise. Besides learning a lot about vocabulary, grammar, new words and sentences, I especially learned to feel comfortable speaking English.

I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Corina Blokland

Directeur Hera Inzetbaarheid

Before working with Kimberley, I already knew a lot of words (because I hear them daily at work), but I couldn’t use them myself in the right context. By doing lots of (vocabulary) exercises, I noticed that I could use them much better. Another thing which was challenging for me was word order.

Thankfully, there was enough practice for me to improve this I achieved a lot during this course, both in pronunciation and in writing I am most satisfied with the fact that the subjects and assigments were specifically tailored to my questions and needs.

This way, I could immediately apply and use it in my everyday communication at work. As result, my confidence has really grown, and I am more confident speaking in English during meetings where people from all over the world take part in.

I looked forward to the lesson every week and was very motivated to do the homework. This is because Kimberley is a very enthusiastic coach, and she is always there for you to answers questions. I’d certainly recommend working with Kimberley to anyone who genuinely wants to learn English.

Kimberley is driven in her work and a champ in making exercises tailored specifically to your needs. Kimberley, thank you for the help, your commitment, time, and patience and especially your enthusiasm
to help me with the English language.

Jeanette Kanters

HR- administratief medewerker, Gunnebo

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