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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I’m really excited for you. Speaking and writing in English should be a fun and joyous experience for you. You’re one decision away!
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“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both”

– Brene Brown

My insecurity to have or start a conversation in English is behind me. Kimberley has taught me that it doesn’t always have to be perfect, because the most important thing is that the other person understands you. It’s okay to make a mistake, that’s how you learn! We went through the basics of English grammar like the different verb forms and tenses, all within 2 months. This was done in a playful way (puzzles, online tests) and through good clear explanations.

To master the English language as quickly as possible you could choose your own topics and ways of learning the language. Kimberley has given me more self-confidence and now I don’t avoid an English conversation anymore (not even an English presentation).

Kimberley is very passionate and enthusiastic and knows how to convey this to the learner.

Jack Klomp

Manager Logistics

Before the course, I was very afraid to speak English and was even ashamed of myself. Every week I lost a little of my shyness and started to speak in English much more. As a result, I speak more freely, and I’m not paying so much attention to use the grammar perfectly.

Working together with Kimberley and my colleagues was excellent. We helped each other and Kimberley supported us in a great way.

My personal highlights were being able to speak freely (without being shy), giving a presentation in English and listening to my colleagues’ presentations.

Kimberley’s empathetic manner, her successful methodology as well as the entire implementation were tremendously motivating and professional. The course was a great success.

Ute Schneider

Area Manager Sales, Germany

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